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No in person worship on July 24 and August 7
First Lutheran will hold worship on Zoom only tomorrow July 24 and August 7 at 10:45am.
If you have any concerns contact us via email.
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Current COVID-19 Policies
Update from the Church Council as of February 14, 2022

Dear Family of First Lutheran Church,

To simplify response to the frequently changing Covid situation in the community, we are enacting the attached 4 level system. Each month at Church Council, the community numbers will be reviewed and the corresponding Level determined.

For the last 4-5 weeks, due to the Omicron surge,  we have been operating at a Level 3. As this is improving, we are happy to announce that beginning on Sunday, February 20, we will move to Level 2.

We hope that adopting this system simplifies the process of handling our response to the Coronavirus. Should any other public health challenge arise in the future, this can be an aid in response to managing that as well. Many thanks to Covenant Lutheran Church in Temple for sharing this approach with us, it provides a template for us to personalize for our needs.

Once again, February 20 will be the start of Level 2. Communion will be returning and our worship leaders may unmask for readings and conducting much of the service. We look forward to these steps forward.

I personally thank all of Church Council for all of their time in the monthly discussion of everything relating to COVID. We look forward to spending less time on the pandemic and more time on the business of the church.

Please be in touch with any questions.

Many thanks,

Shelly Tanabe, FLC Council President 

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Worship Location: Episcopal Student Center

1712 S 10th Street
Waco,, Texas 76706

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