In 1884, a small group of Norwegian immigrants organized the first Lutheran congregation in Waco - Skandinaviske Evangeliske Ebenezer Menighed Kirke - and began a venture of faith that endures to thies day. The original church building, a wooden-frame construction, was erected on the 'outskirts' of the city at what is now 10th St and Jefferson Ave.

1886: The first Sunday school classes were organized.

1892: A parsonage was built behind the church, facing Jefferson Ave.

1909: Services in English began, though Norwegian services continued until 1916.

1917: A new red brick church building was built.

1959: The church building was expanded to roughly double its original size, with the addition of Sunday School rooms, a nursery, conference room, offices, a large kitchen, and a social area.

1962: First Lutheran established their Student Assistance Fund to provide scholarsip aid for select Lutheran students attending Baylor University.

1967: The 'new' pipe organ was dedicated on July 2nd.

2017: The church building at 10th St and Jefferson Ave was sold.

2018: Services started being held in the chapel of the Episcopal Student Center at 10th St and Bagby Ave.